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About Us

About Us

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REYCOM is a Professional Combat Gym Specializing in Combat Sports & Combative Training. Offering High Quality Instruction in several different skill sets. Whether you’re Starting New, an Athlete, Security Personnel, Military, or Law Enforcement we have something for everyone. We bring you a Complete Well Rounded Training Platform covering all aspects of combat and Fitness

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Meet Our Esteemed Instructor: Mike Reynolds

Master Coach Reynolds has over 25+ years of martial arts experience in many different styles and systems. He has been inducted into several martial arts Hall of Fames and has a PhD in Martial Arts Philosophy and Science. He has certifications in police defensive tactics and military close quarter combatives where he has instructed military, law enforcement, security professionals, and civilians. In addition, he has received several accredited fitness and personal training certifications. In his experience working with top leading commercial gyms, he provided guidance in developing new fitness programs that exceeded revenue targets and increased memberships. He has also consulted a number of small private gyms on group classes and membership growth. Reynolds has an extensive background in high-risk security and risk management services through his work with dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, and Fortune 500 individuals. He worked closely with his brother who is a former private security contractor and worked with private military companies, current Los Angeles Sheriff, and decorated combat veteran having served in Special Forces with the 1st Marine Reconnaissance Battalion as the tip of the spear during the invasion of Iraq. Master Coach Reynolds vast security experience includes executive and force protection operations, ranging from simple transportation needs to personal, executive, corporation, and family protection, as well as conducting investigations and surveillance on residences and disruptive employees. He has been employed by many security companies, bars, night clubs, and has worked both private and public events. As a United States Bail Enforcement Agent, he has investigated, located, apprehended, and transported fugitives in a discreet and professional manner. He has successfully owned and operated two martial arts facilities in New York. Reynolds has combined his long career of expertise and experience to provide the best training experience.

gym offerings

Group Fitness

A variety of Exciting and Effective Fitness Classes to help you get in the best shape, lose stress, Improve your mental and emotional well being and feel better than ever before.

1 ON 1 / Personal Training

This is for any individual looking to level up and enhance their skills or achieve their fitness goals faster. PT is available for any of the group classes offered or can be customized to your liking. This is perfect for those who would like to start working out or the athlete that needs the extra 1 on 1 attention.

SGT / Small Group Training

SGT is for those who want more individual or customized training. The SGT is a minimum of three and no more than six individuals. This is to ensure you will still get the attention to detail and the personal experience. This class is for those who want to train solley together or share the same goals and interests.

Seminars & Workshops

We offer Specialized Courses for Short Term Training. These courses can also be offered outside to your designated area and can be customized so your goal or purpose is met. Some of our exciting seminars will include Special Guests such as Elite Special Force Members, Professional UFC Fighters, Law Enforcement Officials and more.

Fun Community Events

We believe the best gym should have the best culture and atmosphere. Whether it’s gatherings or outings we consider everyone family. Look out for upcoming events and workshops.

Work Hours

Daily Open Hours

Reycom Combat Gym is open daily to accommodate your training needs, allowing you to work towards your goals at your convenience. We have multiple opening and closing times from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, we are closed, but on Saturday, we’re open from 8 am to 12 pm, and on Sunday, our hours are from 9 am to 11 am. Please refer below for our detailed hours.

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