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Explore Our Dynamic Range of Fitness Classes

Discover a variety of classes at Reycom Combat Gym. From boxing to MMA, our expert instructors will guide you to achieve your fitness and martial arts goals.


Learn the art of boxing, improve your striking skills, and build strength and endurance through our rigorous and enjoyable boxing classes.

Kick Boxing

Kickstart your fitness journey with high-energy kickboxing classes that combine cardio, martial arts, and self-defense techniques for an exhilarating workout.


Experience the ultimate calorie-burning workout with our HIIT classes, designed to boost your fitness levels and torch fat in a short time.


Dive into the world of MMA, where you’ll learn a blend of martial arts styles, including grappling, striking, and submissions, in a supportive and challenging environment.


Develop practical self-defense skills and increase your confidence with our combatives classes, focusing on real-world scenarios and effective techniques.

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Reycom Combat Gym is open daily to accommodate your training needs, allowing you to work towards your goals at your convenience. We have multiple opening and closing times from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, we are closed, but on Saturday, we’re open from 8 am to 12 pm, and on Sunday, our hours are from 9 am to 11 am. Please refer below for our detailed hours.

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